What is Generic Medicine?

Generic medicines are drugs that emulate a drug's brand name in association with;

  • Effectiveness.

  • Strength

  • quality

  • Administration

  • Dosage and

  • Safety

They do get approval from the FDA before being released to be prescribed and consumed by the patients. The generic drugs can be both bought in physical stores or online pharmacies. This is why at Trusted pharmacy, we made available the generic medicine online, where you purchase at your convenience. The generic medicine available at our store include;

  • Ziverdo kit, containing different types of medicine in one pack.

  • HCQS tablet

  • Ivermectin tablet buys online.

  • Zinc tablet

  • Doxycycline 100mg capsule.

  • Azithromycin tablet

  • Fluvoxamine tablet

  • Vitamin C & Zink (immunity booster)

  • Viral care combo kit

  • Pirfenidone tablet

  • Plaquenil 200mg

The generic medicines provide the patient with the opportunity to save on the bills with a bigger percentage. They have differences with the brand name drugs, in four main different ways. They include:

Some of the generics come with the lengthened date of expiry compared to the brand-name drugs, but still, they are very well effective.

The ingredients used in making generics might be inactive ones, this including the preservative. But all this has been approved by the FDA, which makes it still safe and good for consumption.

Considering that the generic meds are not under protection orownership right, the cost of them is quite low compared to the brand name medicine. And this makes them cost-friendly and saves money for the patients.

The packaging of generic medicine, color, and maybe the shape might be different from the brand name medicines to show that they are not the brand name but the generics. Note that the effectiveness is still intact and good. And so, the doctors mostly prescribe the generic medicines to their patients.

As you have seen, the difference does not in any way affects the effectiveness of generic medicine. So, are you set now to start buying medicines with the prescriptions you got from the doctor, but it is not convenient for you to go out to look for a pharmacy and get the medicines, or maybe they are not available in your local pharmacy? Do not fret. Trusted pharmacy is here to help you get the medicine at a reasonable price and at your convenience. Just visit our website, browse what you want then make your order now.

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